From general maintenance to brakes and tires, at Autozone Collision Center, we have the right personell to get the job done on time and at an affordable rate. Book your appointment today or give us a call.

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General Maintenance Service

Before any work is scheduled on the vehicle, we provide a very detailed and thorough estimate for the repairs. Our technicians have several years of experience as well as, access to state-of-the-art technology which helps accurately price out the repairs.

  • Accurate Labour Estimation
  • Part Sourcing & Competitive Pricing
  • Highly Customer Service Oriented

At Autozone Collision Center, we help take the anxiety out of vehicle repair. We help you get your vehicle repaired faster and with upmost importance on quality.

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Best Automotive Mechanic Shop in Vaughan

We have been serving customers throughout York Region & Toronto for a long time thus, Autozone Collision Center understands the level of quality required. We help with:

  • General Maintenance
  • Oil Changes & Brakes
  • Tires & Wheel Alignment!

At Autozone Collision Center, we take pride in our service and quality worksmanship. All of our customers are 100% satisfied with the service we provide. Ready to speak to an Autozone Collion Center Tech?

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I Would Definitely Recommend This Body Shop For Anyone in Need

I had a bad car accident and autozone collision was there for me in the most crucial times. I would definitely recommend this body shop for anyone in need. They will take care of you and look out for your best interest.

David R.

If anyone wants to get their car fixed this is the place for you.

Very good service, delivered everything as expected and had a very good customer service. If anyone wants to get their car fixed this is the place for you.

Ivan G.

Our Hyundai Tuscon looks great, you did an excellent job! Thanks very much!

Hi Guys! We picked up our Hyundai Tuscon at about midnight on Saturday, thanks for leaving it out for us, saved us from renting a car. The Tuscon looks great you did an excellent job! Thanks very much!

Criss M.


Quality Workmanship & Honest Quotes

Full Service & Claim Assistance

Excellent Customer Satisfaction

With over 40+ years of combined automotive repair experience in our repair facility, AutoZone Collision Center is the most trusted and highly recommended body shop in Vaughan. Our attention to detail and unbeatable customer service is what has led us to become the best in the industry. We’ll help you from start to finish whether it’s a full insurance claim or an independent repair. Speak to an AutoZone Collision Center expert today and have the peace of mind that your vehicle is in excellent hands.

We Work With All Insurance Companies

And many more...

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